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Roles in the Discord Server

By Lane Wagner on Dec 19, 2021

In our community Discord server , we have two main groups of roles you can take on as a member, earned roles and declared roles. Earned roles, as you would expect, you have to earn! You can get them in various ways as we’ll discuss shortly, but you can’t just ask for them. Declared roles on the other hand you simply assign to yourself, and are a way of showing the community what kinds of technologies you enjoy learning about, and what your programming goals are.

Declared roles

We have a Discord bot in our community server that you can issue commands to by typing a command in the #bot-cli channel. The commands take the following form.


When you type the /, Discord should prompt you with a little menu to choose your command and it’s available options.

To add a role, use the addrole command.

/addrole @golang

To remove a role, use the rmrole command.

/rmrole @python

Keep in mind, this will only work for declared roles. The following roles are all declared roles that you can update on your own.

Roles to show off your career goals

Roles to show off your favorite technologies

Roles to signal programming experience

Roles to signal preferred pronouns

Roles for notifications

Earned Roles

There are several roles you will automatically earn through your activity within Qvault’s courses and projects. In order to connect your discord account to your Qvault account so that roles can be properly assigned, run the following command.

/sync {api_key}

Where {api_key} is the API key for your account on the website , which you can change and update in your settings . Here are the roles that you’ll unlock automatically:

If for any reason you didn’t get a role auto-assigned that you’ve earned, just drop a message in the #bug-reports channel and the team will unlock it for you.

Thanks for reading and welcome to our coding community!

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