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Our Learn Python Course Has Released

By Lane Wagner on July 27, 2021

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We’ve just launched our latest course, Learn Python.

Start the “Learn Python” Course Now

What’s more: to celebrate the release, we’re offering full FREE access to the entire course — yep, you can take the entire course for free for a month — but the code expires in just 14 days. Simply enter this code at checkout:


Featuring more than 65 interactive, code-in-your-browser lessons across six modules, this course is perfect for new-to-beginner students who have completed our Intro To Coding with JavaScript Courses and picked up the basics of a trickier language by taking Learn Go 1.

View our full course curriculum here

What’s included? 🔗

Our Learn Python course features six modules covering:

  1. Intro to Python and general theory
  2. Variables
  3. Lists and loops
  4. Comparisons
  5. Functions
  6. Dictionaries and sets

Completing all six modules will bring you up to an intermediate level, putting you in great position to complete our more advanced Python courses, including our Data Structures and Advanced Algorithms courses.

Why Python? 🔗

Python developers are well-paid with a $120,000 median salary. It’s an extremely popular language that’s loved by programmers, and the #1 language for data science, machine learning and AI.

Python reads closer to standard English than almost any other language, is simpler to learn than most, and there are huge amounts of open dev positions currently left unfilled as companies hunt for Python programmers worldwide.

Why 🔗

At we’re focused on one thing: teaching computer science.

Following our “learning by doing” philosophy, we design our courses to be as interactive as possible, cementing learning and helping you to actively code along to challenges, lessons, and answer multiple-choice questions.

And having been on the other side in the recruitment game, we understand how employers think, and what they’re looking for.

We build our courses based on what gets you hired, and support our courses with interview prep articles and courses so you’re fully prepared for your next coding job interview.

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