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Build a Social Media Backend Server in our New Gopher Gang Track

By Lane Wagner on November 29, 2021

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We’re super excited to bring you our next learning track: Gopher Gang.

We released our Python Track and Data Structures & Algorithms Track last month, and after such a positive response, we felt we had to do the same with our Golang course content.

But after hearing some feedback from Reddit, Discord (join ours here), and a couple of other places, we felt we could further improve your CS learning experience by developing projects that you can create in VS Code or any other preferred code editor off-site, and display in your portfolio to land a Go programming job.

Our first Go project has you create a social media backend server, as you work on your local machine and create a working codebase you can show off on your GitHub profile or resume.

You’ll build a RESTful social media API in Golang, giving you exactly the practical skills you need to write Go services in the cloud, the holistic approach other courses don’t offer

As this is our first off-site project, we want to hear your feedback. If you really like these, and they made you feel more comfortable with writing Go independently, then we’ll make more of these to complement our interactive course range.

The project is free to try, and all we ask is that you submit your feedback in the Google Form below:

Submit your feedback here.

Gopher Gang Track 🔗

The social media backend server project adds another element to our Go learning content, and forms a key part of our newest Track, the Gopher Gang Track.

This Track is ideal for any programmers who want to transition into a Go programming role, need to learn Go for a new work project, or who just want to earn more as Go is such a high-paying computer science language.

The Gopher Gang Track consists of:

  1. Learn Go 1
  2. Learn Go 2
  3. Social Media Backend Server Project
  4. Go Interview Prep

These four key modules combine to teach you all you need to know, from the nitty-gritty fundamentals all the way up to writing a real-life microservice.

Then, you put your new skills to the test with the social media backend project, before preparing yourself to ace your next Go programming job interview with our Go Interview Prep course.

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