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Back home Hackathon September 1st, 2022

By Lane Wagner on Sep 3, 2022

Mark your calendar, because we’re hosting another hackathon in the Discord server ! The kickoff meeting will be on Thursday, September 1st at 4PM MST, you can RSVP for that event here in our Discord server . Everyone is welcome to participate, in fact, it’s free and we’ll have prizes for all the winners!

All the details regarding how to participate will be given at the kickoff meeting! Just show up in the Discord and you’ll be good to go!

Date and time #

As soon as the kickoff is over, you’ll have 24 hours to build a working project and get it submitted for judging. The judges will have from the deadline until the wrap-up meeting to decide on winners. Make sure you’re at the wrap-up to collect prizes!

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The project – A Python 3 application using PokeAPI data #

I’m not going to share too many details yet (because you’re not allowed to start until after the kickoff). Just know that two of the constraints will be:

Prizes #

We’ll have two categories of participants.

There will be 3 winners and 1 “1st place” winner from each category.

In addition, everyone who participates will earn 1000XP in the app, and get a coupon code for 25% off of a membership.

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Winners Announced! #

Senior Category (>1 years of coding) #

  1. PokeMusic by realhardik18
  2. PokeArena by brianzhou139
  3. Pokemon Fitness Profile by Manvik1499

Junior Category (<1 years of coding) #

  1. Original Pokemon Artwork by Oscar-Sherelis
  2. Pokemon Image by KR411-prog
  3. Height and Weight PokeSearch by Raimusha

Thanks so much, see you at the next one! #

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