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By Lane Wagner on Sep 2, 2022

We’ve just opened up the Blog to public contributions! We’re really excited to see all the great stories that our readers and students will create.

Why should I write on #

By writing and publishing your ideas publicly, you can:

The reason to write on is the same reason you might write on FreeCodeCamp or HackerNoon: To get your writings out to a wider audience, and to get high-domain authority traffic and links back to your own projects or blog.

Get a back-end job without spending $10k on a bootcamp

  • Learn Python, Javascript and Go
  • Build the professional projects you need to land your first job
  • Spend about 6 months (when done part-time)
  • Pricing as low as $24/month*
  • No risk. Cancel anytime.

What kinds of articles can I write? # is a platform for anyone interested in learning to code, particularly backend development in Python, JavaScript, and Go. As far as the stories we’ll publish, we accept well-written articles that are at least somewhat related to programming.

How do I submit articles? #

First, know that it’s free to contribute articles to, and we do not pay you for your contribution. No money changes hands.

Second, know that you are allowed to drop tasteful dofollow links back to your own projects and sites. Take advantage of our great domain authority and reach! As long as your content is original and well-written we’re happy to expose your writing to our readers.

Read the full contributing guide here on how to submit your story.

A simple path to your career in back-end development

The pace of's JavaScript, Python and Go courses has been perfect for me. The diverse community in Discord is a blast, and other members are quick to help out with detailed answers and explanations.

- Daniel Gerep from Cassia, Brasil

Keep in mind: Your article must be original to #

We don’t want to spam our readers with content that they’ve already seen elsewhere. Your article must be original to That said, after your original piece is published on, you can republish it elsewhere only if you set the canonical link back to the article.

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