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The Beat. June 2024

By Lane Wagner on June 5, 2024

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ThePrimeagen’s new Git course is live. A new boss battle is on the horizon, and we’ve made massive speed improvements to the site. Hope you enjoy!

Respectfully, Lane

Patch notes 🔗

1. New Course: “Learn Git” 🔗

git course image

Ah, Git. The source control system that every developer uses, but few truly understand. In this course, ThePrimeagen teaches us not only how to use Git, but he goes over some of the plumbing commands that make it all work. A part 2 about using Git with teams is coming soon.

2. New Lore for the Boss Fight 🔗

I’m not going to tell you who the boss for Monday is (you’ll get an email then), but you can read about him here. Chapter 3 was released yesterday.

3. Bannerlord Achievements 🔗

bannerlord achievement

You can now earn achievements and chests when you refer friends to! We had a ton of students asking about a rewards program because they wanted to work through with friends, and this is the result! You can find the recruit a friend button on the left-side nav when logged in.

4. Big Speed and UI Improvements 🔗

If you’ve been around for awhile you’ll notice that navigating around the site, particularly the lesson pages is much faster. We made some big improvements to our lesson fetching and caching logic, and now that there are so many of you learning on the platform, speed has been more important than ever for us to pay attention to.

5. Miscellaneous improvements 🔗

  • More improvements to Boot’s responses
  • New art and imagery
  • Authentication improvements
  • Migration of the frontend from Vercel -> Cloudflare complete (backend still on K8s, Go, GCP)
  • New UI for profile pages, shop, and achievements modal

What is yet to come 🔗

  • Next Monday! A New Boss Fight
  • New Course: “Learn Memory Management in C”
  • New Course: “Learn Git 2”
  • New Course: “Linux System Administration” (this is a working title, we’re still cooking…)
  • Moving existing courses to the CLI

Backend Banter Podcast 🔗

There is a brand new site, and because we moved hosting to Spotify, you can now also see the video version of the podcast on Spotify.

This month’s episodes include:

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