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The Beat. June 2023

By Lane Wagner on May 31, 2023

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May was a historic month for We added more students to the backend learning path than we ever have in a single month before, and we’re doing everything we can to build and release new, better courses at a faster clip. Thanks for hanging out and learning with us.

All the best, Lane

Patch notes 🔗 Podcast 🔗

Backend Banter is our brand new podcast about backend technologies and careers! We’ve released 3 episodes so far, and we’re releasing a new one every Monday. You can watch to the video version on YouTube or subscribe on your favorite podcast player.

Don’t miss it, we have some amazing guests lined up. This is the place to get backend career advice from the best in the industry.

2. Challenges for “Learn Algorithms” and “Learn Data Structures” 🔗

Optional challenges at the end of each chapter continue to be a popular request, and we now have them for the first 4 courses in the learning path:

3. Karma updates in the Discord Community 🔗

Allan made some significant updates to the “Boots” bot in the Discord. Not only does he have much more personality now, but the way karma is awarded for helping others has been updated and is much more transparent.

4. Daily Quests 🔗

Alongside your weekly quest, you can now also accept a daily quest!

Daily quests are smaller, more bite-sized tasks that you can complete in a single day. They earn you XP instead of gems, so completing your dailies will actually help you in your progress toward your weekly quest.

What is yet to come 🔗

  • A new CI/CD course is planned to be released in June
  • Challenges and updates to the “Learn JavaScript” course
  • A new backend banter pod every week on Monday
  • More explanatory videos in the DSA courses

The cream of the crop 🔗

(Video) Tech interviews are cursed 🔗

by Trash Dev

Some solid interview advice from an experienced developer at Netflix.

(Podcast) Cup o Go Interview with Lane 🔗

by Cup o Go

The Cup o Go podcast had me on to talk about, the backend learning path, and my experience as a Go developer building and education platform. It was a lot of fun, you might enjoy it.

(Article) Optimizing the Optimizer: the Time-Series Benchmark Suite 🔗

by Andrey Pechkurov

I love stories from companies explaining how they solve real-world problems. This is a great read about how QuestDB made changes to TSBS to optimize its performance for their use case.

Shameless plugs 🔗

(Article) Programming Types and (Incorrect) Mindsets 🔗

(Video) How Pointers Work Under the Hood | Examples in Go 🔗

We’re hiring our 3rd team member! 🔗

If you or someone you know would be a good fit, check out our careers page.

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